Summer is a great time to get out as a family and riding your bikes can also be a great way to get fit. But, before you do, take a few minutes to make sure that your children know the rules of the road.

Promoting youth fitness in schools through physical education and activity Operation Fitkids offers age-appropriate curriculum for children in grades 3-5 and grades 6-8. This engaging program is aimed at teaching students about the dangers of being overweight and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Shining Sm;)es

Live Empowered is an African American Initiative that has a targeted approach to increasing the awareness of the seriousness of diabetes and emphasizing the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices such as moving more and eating healthier.

Culturally appropriate materials and community-based activities empower, educate and create measurable differences in the prevalence of diabetes and its complications among people of African descent. 


Help Your Kids Ride Safe



Shining Smiles! is a flexible oral health education program.  Help your young students understand the importance of their teeth.  Provide basic information about keeping teeth clean and healthy that is appropriate to their age and experience.  Introduce the dentist as a friendly doctor who helps them take care of their teeth.

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